Our Services

We are always ready to support your business in Vietnam. Through our experience, competence, and integrity in Mergers & Acquisitions, Solutions consulting, and Corporate administration including but not limited to company establishment, Accounting & Tax Services, Company Secretary, etc ..., we really wish you a stable & successful development in Vietnam.

Company Establishment

When investing in Vietnam, foreign individuals or companies can setup a company, a joint-venture or acquire existing capital or shares. As foreign investment is still regulated, it is important to understand Vietnam’s legal framework and define a specific strategy.
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Every company, association, firm all need human resources, employees. Employees relations and compensation are the fundamental steps on how you build a strong, solid business. So, it is very important to find a proper solution handle the needs of your business.
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Business owners always need bookkeeping and accounting to maintain the stability of the company’s finance. As tax regulations in Vietnam are complex, time consuming and often changing, our mission is to advise and assist your business in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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